Dyson Cool fans
Powerful airflow. No blades.
Powerful. Quiet. Safe.
With Air Multiplier™ technology and re-engineered airflow paths, Dyson engineers have made Dyson Cool™ fans powerful yet quiet. And with no blades or grille, they're safe and easy to clean, with no unpleasant choppy air.
Smooth, uninterrupted airflow
Some other fans produce unpleasant choppy air. Dyson Cool™ fans project a stream of powerful, smooth, high-velocity airflow.
Acoustically tuned, and now up to 75% quieter¹
With streamlined air channels for reduced turbulence, Dyson Cool™ fans are up to 75% quieter than the previous generation. So they can cool you, without disturbing your sleep.
Mixed flow impeller
Using technologies found in turbochargers and jet engines, a mixed flow impeller draws air ino the machine. The eleven impeller fins are asymmetric, so each one harmonises with the others, balancing the tone. And every one has a scalloped trailing edge, to reduce turbulence and further improve acoustics.
Airfoil-shaped ramp
After the impeller builds air pressure, up to 38 litres of air per second is forced up into the eccentrically-aligned loop. It's then accelerated over an airfoil-shaped ramp, which harnesses the Coanda effect to manipulate the powerful flow of air. Airflow clings to the ramp, which is angled at precisely 16° – channelling its direction for optimum personal cooling.
All features
Air Multiplier™ technology
No blades, no choppy air. Air Multiplier™ technology amplifies surrounding air, giving an uninterrupted stream of smooth airflow.
Easy to clean
With no awkward safety grille or blades. Simply wipe with a dry or damp cloth.
No fast-spinning blades.
In the box
Dyson Cool™ tower fan white/silver
Remote control
¹Versus previous generation
2.85 KG
Air treatment type
Cord length
1.8 m
Base diameter with plate
230 mm
Amp diameter
190 mm
230 mm
190 mm
1,007 mm
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