Smoothness week after week
Optimal hair removal in one stroke with our widest epilation head yet

Our fastest ever epilator has unique ceramic discs that rotate at a greater speed than ever before and firmly grip fine and short hairs. You can now smoothen your skin before and after epilating by treating all areas of your body.

  • For legs, body and face
  • Ceramic discs grip fine hairs
  • 4 body care routines
  • + 9 accessories
Smoothness week after week
Smoothness week after week
Epilation head in unique ceramic material for better grip

Our epilator head is unique in being made from a textured ceramic surface that gently extracts even the finest hairs and those 4x shorter than wax can extract. Now with faster disc rotation than ever before (2200 RPM) for our fastest hair removal.

Extra-wide epilator head

Extra-wide epilator head covers more skin with every stroke for faster hair removal.

Award-winning design*

Award-winning design* for effortless hair removal

Cordless wet and dry for use in bath or shower

Designed with an anti-slip grip, ideal for use with water. Enables a more comfortable, gentle experience in your shower or bath. You can use it cordless for best convenience.

Opti-light helps you target and remove even the trickiest hairs
First epilator with S-shaped handle

The ergonomic S-shaped handle is easy to steer for maximum control and better reach with natural and precise movements, all over your body.

Body exfoliation brush removes dead skin cells

Our body exfoliation brush removes dead skin cells and helps to prevent ingrown hairs. The 48,200 hypo-allergenic, fine bristles gently yet effectively sweep away dead skin cells and stimulate the regeneration of the skin surface. This device will exfoliate your skin more effectively than manual treatment alone.

Body massager to relax you and give you radiant-looking skin

Our body massager gives you a relaxing treatment so you can enjoy radiant-looking skin.

Shaving head and trimming comb for a close shave

The shaving head provides a close shave and more gentleness in all body areas. It comes with a trimming comb to style your bikini area.

Facial area and delicate area cap to remove unwanted hairs

For more gentleness in all body areas, it includes a facial area cap to easily remove unwanted facials hairs and a delicate area cap for underarm and bikini hair

Includes massage cap

Massage cap eases the epilation sensation.

Includes skin stretcher

Skin stretcher cap tightens skin during epilation.

Luxury smart tweezers with light and mirror

Tweezers in an elegant case, with integrated light and mirror, ideal for eyebrows.

  1. * iF Design Award 2016
Smoothness week after week

Smoothness week after week
Body Massager
  • Yes
Body Exfoliation Brush
  • Yes
Facial area cap
  • Yes
Delicate area cap
  • Yes
Massage cap
  • Yes
Skin stretcher cap
  • Yes
  • Basic pouch
Cleaning brush
  • Yes
Luxury smart tweezers
  • Yes
Shaving head
  • Yes
Trimming Comb
  • Yes
Ease of use
Wet and dry use
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Ergonomic
Epilation discs
  • Ceramic discs
Epilation system
  • Patented epilation system
Epilator head
  • 30 mm ,Extra wide
Speed settings
  • 2 settings
Battery Type
  • Lithium-ion
Usage time
  • up to 40 minutes
  • Rechargeable ,1.5-hour charging time
Quick charge
  • Yes
Technical specifications
Number of catching points
  • 32
Number of discs
  • 17
  • 15 V / 5.4 W
Tweezing action speed 1
  • 64,000 per minute
Tweezing action speed 2
  • 70,400 per minute
Smoothness week after week

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