69cm "Cucina" Gas Hob, Stainless Steel
  • 5 burners
  • Rear Left 2.55 kW
  • Front Left 1.05kW
  • Centre: Ultra-rapid burner: 3.90kW
  • Rear Right 1.65 kW
  • Front Right 1.65 kW
  • St/Steel Base
  • New Style Silver Cucina Controls
  • Heavy duty cast iron pan Stands
  • Black Burner Caps
  • Automatic Electronic Ignition
  • Safety Valves
  • Adaptable for LPG
The Cucina range brings together simple yet beautiful high-quality materials in seamless unison. Highly practical finger-friendly stainless steel and glass bounce light and complement the contemporary, modern home. Angular handles and pillowed control knobs enhance clean design lines and place focus on the simple and clear displays which make every appliance easy to use.
Ultra rapid burners
These powerful burners offer up to 5.00kW power. Composed of an auxiliary and a rapid burner, its two controls allow both parts of the burner to work together or independently.
Heavy duty cast iron pan stands
The majority of Smeg gas hobs have heavy duty cast iron pan stands for complete stability during cooking.
Safety valves
Valves on the burner cut off the gas flow if the flame is accidentally extinguished. In this event, the gas feeder valve shuts off immediately regardless of the position of the control.
Adaptable for LPG
LPG conversion jets are included with the appliance as a standard., therefore hobs are easy to adapt for a LPG gas source for ultimate versatility in every home.
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