Google Wifi is a home Wi-Fi solution that works with your modem and internet provider so you can stream, download and share at home without missing a beat.
Unlike traditional routers and range extenders, Google Wifi can give you both great speed and complete coverage of your home.1
What's more, you can add as many Wifi points as you need to extend coverage throughout your home.
Google security at home
All communication between devices on your network is encrypted. As security challenges evolve, our team of dedicated engineers ensure Google Wifi is updated automatically to give you peace of mind.
Smart and simple to use
Take control with the Google Wifi app. See what’s connected, run a speed test, set up a guest network and more.
Prioritise devices
Streaming a movie or joining an important video call? Prioritise that device when it matters most.

Family-friendly controls
With handy parental controls you can even block adult websites.

Pause Wi-Fi
Schedule or instantly pause Wi-Fi access on your children's devices during bedtime or playtime.

Beautiful design
There’s no longer any need to hide your router — Google Wifi is designed to look good in any room. You can even control the brightness of its lights using the app.
How many Wifi points might I need?
No matter the shape or size of your home, Google Wifi has you covered.1
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