Ideal for Pet Owners
The motorised pet brush removes embedded pet hairs from carpets, cushions and sofas with absolute ease.
Versatile Cleaning
Gliding from carpets to hard floors with DuoClean, the extended reach wand and multiple attachments also make it easy to vacuum curtains, ceilings and high surfaces.
Converts to Hand Vacuum
Converting into a lightweight handheld vacuum in seconds, the on-board tools make it easy to clean stairs, upholstery and crevices.
DuoClean Technology
Shark’s unique DuoClean floorhead features two motorised brush rolls, seamlessly cleaning from carpets to hard floors without breaking your stride.
Two Brush Rolls
DuoClean replaces the vacuum’s front wall with a second motorised brush roll which draws in large debris, small particles and fine dust, rather than pushing dirt around.
Reach Anywhere
Flexology bends so you don't have to. With one click, the flexible wand reaches under low-lying furniture with ease.
Store Anywhere
Compact and freestanding, simply click to fold down and halve the vacuum’s size for easy storage wherever you wish.
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