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Upright Vacuum Cleaners
Hoover is still the name you can trust for quality products that are modern, reliable, practical and easy to use.  Hoover upright vacuum cleaners are full of innovative features designed to tackle any job around your home.  Carpets, hard floors, staircases or above the floor, a Hoover upright is designed to leave your home pristine.
Long Reach
Our long reach vacuums guarantee a cleaning reach of more than 12 metres.  This means you’ll spend less time changing the socket and can clean your home more efficiently.  Long reach upright vacuums have stretch hoses and will easily clean a typical 13-flight staircase.
Rotating Brush Bar
If you have carpets or large rugs in your home then a vacuum with a rotating brush bar is a must. These type of vacuums agitate the carpets as they pass over.  This loosens the dirt and debris that settles deep into your carpet fibres.
Above Floor Cleaning
Our upright vacuums with Above Floor Cleaning capabilities come with either extension tubes or removable handles as well as tools that help you to clean areas around your home that are not at floor level.  This could be hard to reach ceilings, curtains or furniture. 
Carpet Height Selector
The brush bar on your vacuum can be raised and lowered to suit the surface you are vacuuming. This helps you optimise the suction and manoeuvrability for all the different floors in your home, whether it's your kitchen tiles, a fluffy rug or the bedroom carpets.
Edge Cleaning
The rotating bristles of this vacuum allow you to clean right up to the edges of your skirting boards.
Full Stair Cleaning
Thanks to a hose that stretches to 4.5m, you can clean a full flight of 13 stairs without having to balance or move the vacuum from the bottom step.
Large Capacity
This vacuum has a larger than average bin capacity, allowing you to clean for longer before needing to empty it. This makes it a great choice for families with larger homes.
Easy Empty Bin
The one touch easy empty bin means you don’t have to touch any of the dirt or struggle to remove the lid, so that emptying is quick and hassle-free.
On Board Tool Storage
Tools can be stored on the vacuum, so that they are always at hand when you need them.
A+ Energy
This rating on label shows you how energy efficient a vacuum cleaner is.  More efficient vacuum cleaners need less power to run so are better on the environment and cost you less in electricity. The current rating scale is A++ to G. 
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