Smooth glide, sensitive shave
Philips' no. 1 on sensitive skin*

The Philips series 7000 protects against the key signs of skin irritation. SkinGlide rings with anti-friction coating enable the shaver to glide effortlessly across your face. Its blades cut close and protect skin, even with 3-day stubble.

  • GentlePrecision blade system
  • Comfort rings
  • SmartClean System
  • Precision trimmer & travel pouch
Smooth glide, sensitive shave
Smooth glide, sensitive shave
SkinGlide rings with anti-friction coating for smooth glide

Experience a more comfortable shave with anti-friction SkinGlide rings coated with microspheres. Thousands of tiny glass-like rounded spheres reduce friction and surface resistance between the shaver and the skin. This gives the shaver a smooth, easy glide and helps protect against skin irritation.

Blades protect skin and cut close even with three-day stubble

Our updated cutting system has skin protection technology, designed to only cut hair not skin. V-shaped blades guide the skin away from the blades for a close, smooth shave — even on three-day stubble.

Intuitive display with 3-level battery indicator

The shaver's intuitive display shows relevant information, enabling you to get the best performance out of your shaver: 3-level battery indicator - cleaning indicator - battery low indicator - replacement head indicator - travel lock indicator

SmartClick precision trimmer for moustache and sideburns

Finish your look with the click-on precision trimmer. It's ideal for maintaining your moustache and trimming your sideburns.

5-direction flex heads follow contours with less pressure

Our shaver heads flex easily in five directions, gently following all the contours of the face and neck. Less pressure is needed to shave closely and skin stress is minimised.

50 minutes of cordless shaving

The energy-efficient, powerful lithium-ion battery system gives you two convenient options: Charge it for an hour for up to 50 minutes of shaving time, or a quick charge for one full shave. All Shaver series 7000 models are designed to operate only in cordless mode to ensure safety in wet environments.

Keep your shaver like new with SmartClean

At the touch of a button, SmartClean cleans, lubricates and charges your shaver, keeping it performing at its best.

Aquatec gives you a comfortable dry or refreshing wet shave

Adapt your shave routine to your needs. With the Aquatec Wet & Dry, you can go for a comfortable dry shave or a refreshing wet shave. You can shave with gel or foam, even under the shower.

Comes with a 2 year guarantee

We back this Philips shaver with a 2 year guarantee. Our Series 7000 shavers are designed for performance and durability.

Shaver can be rinsed clean under the tap

Simply open the shaver head to rinse it thoroughly under the tap.

  1. * Philips' no.1 on sensitive skin - compared to other Philips shavers
Smooth glide, sensitive shave

Smooth glide, sensitive shave
Shaving Performance
  • SkinGlide Rings, SkinProtection System, Aquatec Wet and Dry,
Shaving system
  • GentlePrecisionPRO Blades,
Contour following
  • 5-direction DynamicFlex Heads,
  • Precision trimmer,
  • Cleans, Charges, Lubricates, Cleaning cartridge (included),
  • Travel pouch,
Run time
  • 50 min / 17 shaves,
  • 1 hour full charge, Quick charge 5 min for 1 shave,
Battery Type
  • Lithium-ion,
Automatic voltage
  • 100-240 V,
Max power consumption
  • 5.4, W
Stand-by power
  • 0.15, W
Ease of use
  • 3 level battery indicator, Battery low indicator, Cleaning indicator, Replace shaving heads indicator, Travel lock indicator,
Wet and Dry
  • Wet and dry use,
  • Fully washable,
  • Cordless use, Unplug before use,
  • Ergonomic grip and handling,
Frame colour
  • Argus bronze,
Front colour
  • White matt,
2 year guarantee
  • Yes,
Replacement head
  • Replace every 2 yrs with SH70,
Smooth glide, sensitive shave
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