Make frying oil last longer with Tefal’s patented oil filtration system


  • Clean frying oil for future use with Tefal’s easy-to-use oil filtration system
  • Removes leftover crumbs from oil that could burn during future frying, making it healthier to use and reducing unpleasant odours
  • Cool wall technology ensures it’s safe to touch, even while cooking
  • Take control with an adjustable thermostat; set the temperature between 150°C and 190°C


Unique filtration system
Make your oil last longer; patented oil filtration system conveniently cleans oil for future use
Cleaner frying
Clean, crumb-free oil means less unpleasant odour and healthier results
 Cool touch
Cool Wall technology ensures it’s safe to touch, even while frying
 Easy to clean
The lid, frying basket and filter mesh are dishwasher safe, so cleaning up is a breeze
 Adjustable temperature
Set the temperature between 150°C and 190°C for more cooking possibilities
Repairable Product - 10 years
  • Designed for easy repair
  • Low cost and fast delivery of spare parts for 10Y and more
  • 6500 repair centers worldwide
Oil capacity 2.1 L
Food capacity 1.2 Kg
Bowl coating Aluminium
Cool touch YES
Cool zone NO
Lid Cooking
Automatic lid opening YES
Window YES
Filter Metallic
Oil filtration Manual
Up and down Basket NO
Carrying handles YES
Indicator light YES
Colours White
French Fries capacity 1.2 Kg
Removable Bowl NO
On/Off Switch YES
Timer NO
Dishwasher safe - details Lid, frying basket & filtering mesh
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