Hotpoint Class 2 DD2 844 C IX Built-in Oven


Avoid food going to waste with Hotpoint’s ovens. Rustle up a quick & easy meal with all your forgotten foods. 

    Cook with confidence

      Circulaire Fan Cooking

    Save your time and energy in the kitchen with our Circulaire Fan Cooking, as there is no need to move food around the oven during cooking time. The circulation of hot air for an even temperature allows you to sit back and relax whilst your food is being evenly cooked through. Giving your meals that perfect polish.  

    When your passion is cooking, not cleaning

    Catalytic liners 

    Catalytic liners are special panels that catch fat spits and grease, removing them naturally during the cooking process.  

    Jamie Oliver's home-cooking philosophy 

    Pairing the very best of Jamie Oliver’s home-cooking philosophy with Hotpoint’s everyday, innovative products, our partnership is designed to help us all take care of the people we love through the joy of food. We believe our shared vision of eating well and developing easy-to-use appliances can shape the health and wellbeing of everyone. 

    Jamie Oliver - "I'm so excited to be working with Hotpoint and show how their incredible equipment can make your life easier in the kitchen, so you can cook up a storm for your nearest and dearest, every day of the week."    

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