5 Burner Gas Hob with Cast Iron Grates
Cook more at once
5 burners provide an impressive 11.8kW of power. Expand your cooking capabilities to cook more at once for when you’re entertaining guests or cooking for the whole family.
Intense heat for faster cooking
The Triple Crown Burner generates an intense heat to cook much faster and maximise the flavour and texture of your food. So it’s ideal for woks, large pans and when you need to cook something quickly.
No more lifting – simply slide
An Endless Rail Grate that lets you move your cookware easily and safely. Even the heaviest pans will slide along its seamless rails, without struggling to lift them. It can also be easily cleaned in a dishwasher.
Safely stir-fry with more stability
A specially designed Wok Grate lets you cook using a wok more efficiently and safely. Its circular design fits snugly around the burner, so your wok is kept stable and heat is quickly and evenly distributed.
Automatically safer when you’re busy
Stop worrying that unattended pans may be boiling over. The Safety Shutoff feature gives you complete peace of mind. It automatically turns off any burners if the flame goes out or if the pan has boiled over.
5 Burner Gas Hob with Cast Iron Grates
Knob Dial
Control Method
11.8 kW
Total Power (Gas)
3.8 kW
Triple Crown
3.0 kW
  • Control Method
    Knob Dial
  • Total Power (Gas)
    11.8 kW
  • Triple Crown
    3.8 kW
  • Rapid
    3.0 kW
  • Semi-Rapid
    2.0 kW
  • Auxiliary
    1.0 kW
  • Grate
  • Surface
    Stainless Steel
  • Type (Gas)
  • Number of Burner
    5 EA
  • Installation Type
  • WOK grate
  • Cutout (WxHxD)
    560x490 mm
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