6x better cleansing*
Ready in 1 minute*

The mini facial cleanser with rotation technology. It's compact. It's easy to use. It's perfect for your daily skincare. Wherever you are.

  • Rotation technology
  • Cleansing
  • 1 cleansing brush head
  • 1 intensity setting
6x better cleansing*
6x better cleansing*
Rotation cleansing technology

The rotating motion quickly but gently removes these impurities by sweeping them away, leaving the skin more deeply cleansed.

6x better cleansing than hands*. Ready in just 1 minute!

Thanks to the rotation technology and the 17,000 silky soft bristles of the normal cleansing brush, you get six times better cleansing results for soft and radiant skin.

100% waterproof design

This device is 100% waterproof and can be easily used in the shower and cleaned under the tap.

Rechargeable device for long-lasting battery

When fully charged, this device has cordless power for 45 uses, equivalent to over 3 weeks when used twice per day.

Cleansing has never been easier! 1 minute for better results

With the 1 minute recommended cleansing programme for effective and superior cleansing, VisaPure mini facial cleanser easily fits in your routine and makes it better!

Compatible with all Philips brushes

This device is compatible with all Philips brushes, which are designed to fit your individual skin type and needs.

Compact and lightweight design

With its compact and lightweight design, VisaPure mini facial cleanser easily fits in your handbag or on your bathroom shelf. It's the perfect mini cleanser for your daily skincare routine, wherever you are.

Gentle to your skin, tough on impurities

VisaPure mini facial cleanser is tough on impurities, but gentle to your skin. Thanks to its silky soft, thin and dense bristles, it ensures a smooth glide while cleansing for absolute skin comfort. VisaPure mini facial cleanser is gentle enough to use twice a day.

Perfectly designed for optimal hygiene

The silky soft bristle material of all our VisaPure brush heads is a specially chosen, delicate nylon. This helps to ensure the brush heads are super easy to clean and keep fresh.

  1. * *Compared to cleansing with hands. Data on file.
6x better cleansing*
Application areas
Face and neck
  • Cheeks, Chin, Fronthead, Neck, Nose,
Charging time
  • 8 hours,
Power system
  • Rechargeable battery,
Running time
  • 20 uses of 1 minute each,
  • 100-240 V,
  • 2-year limited warranty,
Items included
Brush heads
  • Normal skin brush head,
Instructions for use
  • Quick start guide, user manual,
Power adapter
  • 100 - 240 V adapter,
  • Improves the absorption of your skin care product,
Skin cleansing
  • 6x more effective than hand cleansing,
Ease of use
  • up to 20 uses without charging,
Battery indicator
  • Icon indicates battery life,
1 Speed setting
  • Deep cleansing,
  • Can be used in the shower,
Technical specifications
One way rotation
  • Yes,
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