Spend a day painting in the park with Emma and Chico!
The set is perfect for kids like Emma who are creative and love animals!
Scoot down to the park to sell Emma’s paintings!
The set features a scooter and an easel for more creations.
LEGO Friends Emma’s Art Stand
Tow your paintings!
Tow the art stand to Heartlake City Park or drive around on the scooter to visit friends.
Swap clothes and hair!
Friends mini-dolls are buildable so you can swap clothes and body parts to build your own.
Nap time!
Time to feed Chico the cat and put her on the bed for a nap.
The fun starts right away!
The set comes with easy instructions and separate pre-packed bags so kids don’t have to build the whole set to start playing.
Includes Emma who is creative, caring, and loves to craft!
Plus a Chico the cat figure.
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