Traverse Sea And Land With The Awesome Hovercraft!
This model is packed with working functions, just like the real thing.
Realistic 2-in-1 replica!
An advanced LEGO Technic building set that you can build and rebuild.
LEGO Technic Hovercraft
Get Moving!
Maneuver the hovercraft to activate the rear fans.
Expedition Truck!
Transport the rugged truck, with working steering and suspension.
Cargo Container!
Use the truck to haul the detachable container to its destination.
Loading Platform!
Raise and lower the platform to load up the truck.
Take Command!
Build authentic real-world details.
Twin Propellers!
Maneuver the Hovercraft to spin the rear propellers, and see them move side-to-side as you steer.
Two Models In One!
Rebuild your model to create a powerful Jet Boat.
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