It’s showtime
This set is ideal for kids who love singing, dancing, performing magic and using their imagination to express themselves.
Encourages role­-play
Kids can pretend to role-play family life with their friends and explore their imagination.
LEGO Friends Andrea’s Talent Show
3 performance possibilities
Kids can pretend to sing, perform magic or play the drums.
Revolving speakers
Includes a bunk bed, desk, chair and lamp to spark imagination.
Judge the performance
Flag function and voting button let kids be the judge.
Fireworks display
Fireworks appear over the stage with a flick of a button.
Custom backdrops
Use a cellphone to create custom backdrops or music.
A magic show
Reveal the hidden bunny with the twist of a knob.
Includes Andrea and Chloe mini­doll figures
Plus rabbit figure, toy microphone, camera, hairbrush, lipstick, cell phone and many other accessories.
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