Heavy firepower for extra action
Kids of all ages will love maneuvering the AT-AP with Chewbacca and Clone Commander Gree at the helm.
The ultimate armoured vehicle
Kids and fans of all ages will love the details of this large model and playing out action-filled adventures.
LEGO Star Wars AT-AP Walker
Turret rotates and elevates
Rotate and elevate the turret for versatile battle action.
Cockpit opens
The cockpit has space to sit 2 minifigures
Retractable leg
Front leg retracts under the model
Side hatches opens
Reveals the highly detailed cockpit inside.
Spring loaded for fun
Spring-loaded shooter makes role-play fun.
Walking motion
2 articulated legs simulate walking.
Includes 5 LEGO Star Wars characters.
Chewbacca, Clone Commander Gree, a Kashyyyk Clone Trooper minifigures and 2 Kashyyyk Battle Droid LEGO figures.
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