Fridge Freezer HFDN 180BK
Hoover is still the name you can trust for quality products that are modern, reliable, practical and easy to use. Hoover cooling is an ingenious blend of styling and technology. With a range of heights and styles, storage capacities and features, there is something to suit all households. And with A+ energy efficiency rating they are economical too, an important feature in appliances which are in operation year round.
LED Lighting
The LED lighting provides excellent visibility across all shelves, lasts longer and consumes 15 times less electricity than a standard bulb.
Internal Door Balconies
Encompassing internal door balconies, these handy storage areas in the fridge door are perfect for storing items such as milk and fruit juice as well as eggs, cheese and small jars.
Glass Shelving
Adjustable glass shelves provide the flexibility to change shelf height, useful when storing tall items. In addition, the solid shelves feature have raised edges that create a shallow barrier that prevents spilled liquids from running off the front or sides of the shelves.
Transparent Freezer Drawers
Not only do the transparent freezer drawers make it easy to see what you have stored in the freezer, but they also provide lots of storage space too. 
Total No Frost - Fridge Freezer
The Total No Frost system produces cold air in the freezer section then evenly distributes it throughout the fridge with the help of the multiple jets on the No Frost panel at the back of the fridge cavity. The temperature and humidity in the fridge will remain constant and therefore keep your food tastier and fresher for longer.  The Total No Frost system does not produce any frost in the freezer section thus eliminating the need to ever defrost your freezer.
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