Fun fairground ride playset
Sea-themed spinning toy allows kids to recreate the thrill of the amusement park.
Spinning carousel recreates fairground fun
Kids can construct this creative playset using easy-to-use instructions, then turn the knob to watch the cars spin round.
LEGO® Friends Funny Octopus Ride
Real-life role-play
Real-life role-play
Your child can sell tickets and popcorn from the kiosk.
Strike a pose
Strike a pose
Kids can pretend to take snaps of their friends on the ride.
Eye-catching elements
Eye-catching elements
This colourful playset will brighten up any child's bedroom.
Easy build for lots of play
This amusement ride building toy is fun to construct, pretty to display and inspires creative role-play with friends.
Includes Andrea and Ethan mini-doll figures
Plus a bird figure, ticket, popcorn and many other accessories.
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