Hand-picked for endless design creativity!
Design experimentation options
Hand-picked for endless design creativity!
Unique, functional and fun! Open-ended creativity awaits young craft lovers in the form of a tall pineapple pencil holder, complete with spinning green top, and smaller watermelon slice box
Reusable tray to sort, store and carry
Easy accessibility! The reusable tray helps keep tiles and plates sorted and organised before, during and after play. With room for more tiles, sold separately.
Everything kids need for fun
Decorate, use, redecorate! Loaded with bold, colourful, high-quality pieces, LEGO® DOTS sets help kids express their creative and playful sides.
Endless decorating possibilities
Each surface of the pencil holder gives kids creative freedom to design however they like! This LEGO® DOTS set lets kids use their imaginations in cool new ways
Useful item that’s quick and easy to make
All the LEGO® DOTS room decor items have a purpose beyond the joy of crafting them. Assembly and decoration are quick and easy, making it playful and fun.
LEGO® DOTS Animal Picture Holders
LEGO® DOTS Rainbow Jewellery Stand
41900, 41901, 41902, 41903, 41912
LEGO® DOTS Rainbow Bracelet, LEGO® DOTS Funky Animals Bracelet, LEGO® DOTS Sparkly Unicorn Bracelet, LEGO® DOTS Cosmic Wonder Bracelet, LEGO® DOTS Love Birds Bracelet.
LEGO® DOTS Pineapple Pencil Holder
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