Police Truck Chase
Catch the thief before he gets away! Emergency! The thief has stolen a valuable jewel from a LEGO City safe and is getting away! Hop in the police truck and race out to set up the roadblock. Catch the robber, lock him in the back of the truck’s holding cell and take him to prison. It's another mission complete for the LEGO Juniors police!
Jump in the Police Truck and chase down the thief, with an Easy to Build police truck with jail cell, plus a motorbike, roadblock and two minifigures.
Police truck features a holding cell in the back that opens from the top with space for a minifigure and a roadblock with a swinging gate.
Set up the roadblock to stop the thief and lock him in the truck. Motorbike includes space for a minifigure.
Includes two minifigures: a police officer and a thief.
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