Chest Freezer
The first and only chest freezer range that turns a classic product into an intelligent device. Thanks to the improved and intuitive food management, you can easily protect your food, store it for a long time in full safety, and be informed about the expiring dates, wherever you are.
Handle and Lock
This freezer comes complete with an integrated handle and a built in lock giving added safety.
This refrigerator is manufactured using a flame retardant metal backing plate and it’s clearly labelled “Flame retardant metal back”. All of our refrigeration appliances fully comply with the relevant European safety standards.
Up to -10°C
Candy chest freezers are cold resistant and keep the temperature stable also at colder temperatures up to -10°C. In this way it’s possible to place the chest freezer also in garage or outbuilding.
Storage Basket
The handy storage basket gives added flexibility, allowing you to store smaller items for ease of access.
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