An exciting, new, interactive play experience!
LEGO® Super Mario™ gameplay
An exciting, new, interactive play experience!
LEGO® Super Mario™ brings a family-favourite character into the real world, offering limitless challenges beginning with this essential Starter Course set, featuring a highly interactive LEGO Mario™ figure.
Unlimited possibilities
Unlimited possibilities
LEGO® Super Mario™ fans can create other fun and challenging levels by rebuilding this modular Starter Course or by combining it with Expansion Sets and Power-Up Packs (sold separately).
Goomba-stomping fun
Beginning at the Start Pipe, the player must help LEGO® Mario™ defeat enemies such as a Goomba to earn digital coins.
7 action bricks
LEGO® Mario™ has instant, unique, audio-visual responses to differently coloured bricks and the 7 action bricks in this set.
Bowser Jr. battle
When LEGO® Mario™ topples Bowser Jr. and stomps on his back, more coins are collected.
Social or solo play
LEGO® Mario™ displays the total number of coins won at the end, then players can try to top their personal best score or challenge friends to beat them.
Instant reactions by LEGO® Mario™
Interactive play
Instant reactions by LEGO® Mario™
LEGO® Mario™ gives instant expressive responses to enemies and action bricks, such as the Question Block. See his reactions on the LCD screens and hear iconic sounds and music via the speaker.
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