OPPO Watch Series
Keep Up. Keep in Touch. ​
Flexible Dual-Curved Display | Wear OS by Google™ | Up to 21-Day Battery Life Watch VOOC Flash Charging | Workout and Health Tracking
Beauty on Vivid Display.
Epic screens aren't just for flagship phones anymore. OPPO Watch is dressed to impress, with a dual-curved flexible AMOLED screen, crisp image quality, and colors that pop. A 3D curved back design keeps your watch looking good from different angles. For a personal twist, fill the background with a picture of your choice.
Flexible Dual-Curved Display.
Flagship-level specs
AMOLED display
Note: OPPO Watch 46mm has a 1.91-inch flexible AMOLED dual-curved screen. OPPO Watch 41mmhas a 1.6-inch rigid AMOLED screen.
It Tells the Time, and Maximizes Your Time. ​
Load up on time-saving features with Wear OS by Google™. Track your health and fitness, check the weather, and stay up-to-date with smart info management tools1. Instead of wondering where the time went, you'll wonder how you got so much done.
Note: Message replies are only available when OPPO Watch is paired with an Android phone.
Charge It in Minutes, Use It for Days.
Up to 21-Day Battery Life
To make the most of its battery, OPPO Watch uses two endurance modes –powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™ 3100 and Ambiq Micro's Apollo3 Wireless SoC. Whether you’re commuting or vacationing, your watch won’t leave you hanging. In addition, with Watch VOOC Flash Charging, just a 15-minute charge can power a whole day of use.
Up to 36 hours
in Smart mode
Up to 21 days
in Power Saver mode2,3
Charges to 46%
1. The aforementioned use and charging descriptions apply to OPPO Watch 46mm (Wi-Fi). OPPO Watch 41mm (Wi-Fi) has a battery life of up to 24 hours in Smart mode and 14 days in Power Saver mode, and charges to 30% in 15 minutes.
2. 16 hours under typical use model is used as the standard for a full day of watch use.
Make Every Step Count.​
OPPO Watch helps you get a strong sense of your workouts with real-time fitness tracking from Google Fit. In addition, it provides 5-Min Workout class series and real-time guidance in daily routine exercise modes to make it easier for you to get up and get moving.
workout modes
Workout class series
water resistance5
Note: OPPO Watch 46mm supports 5ATM water resistance, and OPPO Watch 41mm supports 3ATM water resistance.
Follow Your Heart's Every Beat6.
Your heart keeps pumping around the clock – doesn't it deserve a bit of attention? OPPO Watch never misses a beat, thanks to its rear optical heartbeat sensor. To take a closer look at how your heart's doing, just generate a heart rate report with the HeyTap Health app.
1. Wear OS by Google is supported on Android devices running on Android 6.0 or later (excluding Go edition) and iPhones running on iOS 12.0 or later. Available functions may vary by platforms and regions.
2. In Power Saver mode, you can receive message notifications, check the time, track your steps, and monitor your heart rate.
3. The aforementioned use times for OPPO Watch products are based on OPPO laboratory tests under typical battery use model. Actual battery life may vary according to factors such as network environment, functions used, frequency of use.
- Typical battery use model in Smart mode (for OPPO Watch 46mm Wi-Fi version and OPPO Watch 41mm Wi-Fi version): Factory default setting, paired to a phone via Bluetooth®, 20 hours in Bluetooth wireless connection, 4 hours in Wi-Fi® wireless connection; Screen off, using GPS outdoors for 45 minutes; Paired to Bluetooth headphones and playing local music for 30 minutes; Screen turning on upon lifting wrist 120 times; Using Google Assistant 5 times for 20 seconds each time; 240 incoming message notifications displayed with vibrating reminders, 480 messages received without notifications; checking watch 24 times for 20 seconds each time; 5 minutes of call time for calls coming from a Bluetooth-paired device. Measuring heart rate 8 times for 30 seconds each time; 8 hours in sleep mode; heart rate monitoring enabled.
- Typical battery use model in Power Saver mode (for all models of OPPO Watch series): Checking watch 30 times for 10 seconds each time, 150 message notifications displayed for 5 seconds each time; heart rate monitoring and step tracking enabled.
4. The aforementioned charging descriptions for OPPO Watch products are based on OPPO laboratory tests. Specific charging time may vary according to actual circumstances. For Watch VOOC Flash Charging, a 5V/1.5A adapter (5V/-1A for OPPO Watch 41mm) or higher is required.
- Testing conditions: Environment temperature was 25±1°C.Battery had returned to room temperature.Remaining battery was ≥1%.All apps were closed, flight mode was enabled, and GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC, BT, and vibration were disabled.A 5V/2A adapter and standard OPPO Watch charging stand were used.Timing began when the watch was attached to the charger and the screen was turned off.The latest stable version of USER software was used and all log printing was disabled.
5. OPPO Watch 46mm supports 5ATM water resistance, and OPPO Watch 41mm supports 3ATM water resistance. The waterproof description is in accordance with ISO 22810:2010 inspection standard and has passed TÜV SÜD test (full name: TÜV SÜD Certification and Testing (China) Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch). OPPO Watch can be worn while swimming in a pool or doing shallow open-water activities, but is not suitable for snorkeling, hot showers, hot springs, saunas, diving, scuba diving, surfing, or other water activities in which the device may come in contact with high-pressure water flow. Water resistance may decrease over time.
6. OPPO Watch is not a medical device. The fitness and health data it provides are for reference only and should not be used for diagnosis or treatment.
7. Google, Android, Google Play, Wear OS by Google and other marks are trademarks of Google LLC.
8. Thewatch faces shown above are simulated and for illustration purposes only.
9. Product pictures are for reference only. Certain product specifications and descriptions may change for reasons including but not limited to changes in suppliers. Please refer to the actual product for all criteria.
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