Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Smart Clear View Cover with S Pen
S Pen by its side
The Smart Clear View Cover has gotten an upgrade to accommodate the big addition to Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G — the S Pen. Simply place S Pen into the convenient holder inside to keep it at the ready for when you need it.
*S Pen does not support BLE technology and does not require charging for use.
Powered by precision
The S Pen functions smoothly and accurately with the 0.7mm tip and 4096 pressure levels. To use with your Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, simply hover it over the screen and click the S Pen button to start writing or using it to edit.
Surrounds to safeguard
With the flip cover on the front and the case on the back, the Smart Clear View Cover delivers protection that surrounds your phone. It even fits snugly to secure the exterior parts, like the camera and buttons.
The phone case that protects you
Infused with an antimicrobial coating, the Smart Clear View Cover blocks microbial growth to help protect against certain bacteria. So you can worry less about germs, and keep your focus on what's at hand.
*The outside of Galaxy S21 5G, S21+ 5G and S21 Ultra 5G's Smart Clear View Cover meets the requirements of antimicrobial activity as set by the FITI Testing & Research Institute.*To perform its antimicrobial function, this product has been treated with the biocidal substance Zinc Pyrithione.*Antimicrobial property does not completely protect users against bacteria and provides no protection against viruses including Covid-19.*Antimicrobial effect may vary depending on conditions of use. *Antimicrobial coating on outside of phone case only.
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Smart Clear View Cover with S Pen
86.55X169.5X14.96 mm
Dimension (WxHxD)
93.4 g
Clear View Cover with S-Pen
Physical specification
  • Dimension (WxHxD)
    86.55X169.5X14.96 mm
  • Weight
    93.4 g
  • Clear View Cover with S-Pen
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