One tool, ultimate styling for face, hair and body
16-in-1 premium trimmer for ultimate versatility

Perfect your style with our most precise and versatile trimmer. 13 premium tools empower you to craft your unique style, from head to toe. Enjoy maximum precision with self-sharpening blades and full control with a no-slip rubber grip.

  • 16 tools
  • Self-sharpening metal blades
  • Up to 120-min run time
  • Showerproof
One tool, ultimate styling for face, hair and body
One tool, ultimate styling for face, hair and body

Your trimmer is easy to hold and manoeuvre, with a rubber ergonomic grip for more controlled trimming. 

This Philips trimmer gives you up to 120 minutes of cordless use from a single 1 hour charge. A quick 5 minute charge provides enough power for one full trim.

This trimmer is designed to be water-resistant, so that you can use it comfortably in the shower and easily clean it under the tap.

The self-sharpening steel blades on this trimmer for face and body are reinforced with iron and tempered for maximum strength. This results in blades that stay as sharp as day 1. No rusting. No blade oil needed.

Create clean, straight lines and evenly trim through the thickest hair thanks to the body and beard trimmer's precise steel blades. These non-corrosive blades won't rust, and they self-sharpen to last longer.

The narrow design of the steel precision groomer makes it easy to precisely edge and finish small details.

Comfortably shave below the neck with our unique skin-protection system that guards even the most sensitive areas of your body and lets you shave as close as 0.5 mm

Use the precision shaver after trimming, to perfect the edges of your cheeks, chin and neck.

Quickly touch up your face and hair with the nine reinforced cutting guards. 2 stubble combs for 1 mm and 2 mm trimming, an adjustable beard comb, 4 wide hair combs at 4 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm and 16 mm and 2 body combs for 3 mm and 5 mm grooming.

Quickly create your own hair style. The extra wide 41 mm hair clipper cuts through more hair per stroke.

Avoid nicks and cuts, as the all-in-one trimmer quickly removes unwanted nose and ear hair.

The Philips Multigroom 7000 all-in-one hair trimmer comes with 16 attachments to provide a full-body grooming solution.

One tool, ultimate styling for face, hair and body
Create the look you want
Number of tools
  • 16 tools
Styling tools
  • Detail metal trimmer ,Precision shaver ,Wide hair clipper ,Bodyshaver ,Body skin protector attachment ,Metal trimmer ,Nose and ear trimmer ,3-7 mm adjustable beard comb ,2 stubble combs ,4 wide hair combs ,2 body combs
  • Long beard ,Short beard ,Stubbled look ,Sharp lines ,Detailed styling ,Goatee
Cutting system
Cutting element
  • Self-sharpening metal blades
2 year warranty
  • Yes
  • Cleaning brush
  • Storage pouch
  • No-slip rubber grip
Ease of use
  • No oil needed
  • Charging indicator ,Battery low indicator
Wet and Dry
  • Showerproof and easy cleaning
Battery type
  • Lithium-ion
Run time
  • 120 minutes
  • 1 hour full charge ,5-min quick charge
Automatic voltage
  • 100-240 V
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