Castle made for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast fans
Designed for endless play!
Castle made for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast fans
This amazing set lets youngsters recreate their favourite Disney’s Beauty and the Beast scenes with an impressive 2-storey castle packed full of iconic features. It’s sure to inspire kids’ magical stories and adventures.
A unique detail from the beloved story
Disney’s Beauty and the Beast fans can discover the iconic enchanted rose, protected under its dome, as they explore and play in the detail-rich castle.
A magic mirror to see home again
Disney lovers get to imagine and play out the movie scene and Belle’s excitement as she discovers that she can see her beloved father in the magic mirror!
Spinning portrait with a hidden surprise
Kids can find the shredded portrait in the Beast’s room, spin the picture to reveal the stored mini-doll head, then swap it to change the Beast into the Prince.
Time for a relaxing reading break
A sliding ladder, 2 book accessories and couches encourage kids to spend time in the castle library with Disney’s Belle as she searches for the perfect book!
What lies beyond the castle gates?
Kids get to stretch their role-play skills with fun adventures as Disney’s Belle and Philippe approach the castle gates, which can open and close behind them.
A beautiful crown and a mystery
Youngsters can discover the golden crown hidden in one of the castle turrets and use this cool detail to help kick-start unlimited creative stories.
Amazing set for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast fans
Perfect for endless play
Amazing set for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast fans
The grand castle, with plenty of details to discover and rooms to explore, encourages kids’ creative role-play skills. The build includes 2 versions of Belle plus 8 other movie characters, offering kids open-ended adventures.
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