H-WINE 300
The perfect way to save your wine in the best way, just set the temperature with one touch.
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Wooden shelves
The shelves in H-WINE wine coolers are made of bamboo from FSC certified sustainable sources, and are not treated or painted to prevent all forms of chemical contamination and sensory alteration of your wines.
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Optimum storage
A good position of the bottles is essential in wine storage as an inclined layout soaks the cork, preventing dryness. The wooden shelves also protect the wine from accidental movements and shock.
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hOn App powered by VIVINO
The new hOn App was developed in partnerships with Vivino, the most popular worldwide wine marketplace, enabling you to get extra contents from your cellar. WIth the SCAN YOUR WINE feature, you can take a picture of your wine labels and get information on winery, grapes and, year of production together with the rating from Vivino users. The hOn App also gives customized suggestions and tips for an effective wine management depending on your preferences and user settings (Expert or Beginner).
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In compliance with the New Energy Label, this wine cellar is certified in G class.
Adjustable feet
Thanks to the adjustable feet you can adjust the heigh of the wine cooler according to your needs.
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Interior LED light
To allow a clear visibility of your preciouse wine bottles with a lower energy consumption.
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