With the two fridge doors at the top and the two freezer doors at the bottom, H-FRIDGE 700 MAXI allows maximum store capacity of over 400 liters and can fit every kitchen style. The Total No Frost technology guarantees best performances and healthier preservation.
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F CLASS energy efficiency
In compliance with the New Energy Label, this F class refrigerator reduces consumption up to 20% compared to a G class, saving energy and money and respecting the environment.
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No frost freezer creation
The freezer comes with technology which prevents the build-up ice – meaning there is no need for manually defrosting the product.
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Perfect temperature settings
Thanks to the double setting touch control door panel you can easily mange the fridge temperature and set different functions such as holiday mood, super freeze and super cool.
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Always fresh water
With the water dispenser you will have fresh water always at your fingertips, no need for plumbing. Fill the dispenser when required and get perfectly chilled water, whenever you want.
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