Arctis Nova 1P
  • The Nova Acoustic System features custom-designed High Fidelity Drivers for superior audio quality
  • Ultra lightweight headset with 4-points of adjustability in the ComfortMAX System for the perfect fit
  • ClearCast Gen 2 noise-cancelling mic uses AI algorithms to reduce background sounds for clear communication
  • Suitable for any PC and console platform with a 3.5mm jack, great for mobile devices on the go
  • Convenient onboard controls with a volume dial and voice mute button on the headset
Arctis Nova 1P
Almighty Audio has never been more accessible. Vibe with your favorite gaming world and score that W with your friends. Dive deeper with the superior audio quality from the most-awarded headset makers.
Nova Acoustic System
Challenge your perceptions of gaming headsets with the best-in-class Nova Acoustic System, with powerful, custom-designed High Fidelity Drivers. A dream duo of software and hardware team up to fill your ears with crystal clear high notes and deep bass.
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Hear the opponent's position with 360° Spatial Audio and immediately identify the direction. Immersive audio surrounds you from every angle, putting you in the center of the action for an in-game advantage.
* Fully compatible with Tempest 3D Audio for PS5 / Microsoft Spatial Sound
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Take complete control over your sound with the Pro-grade Parametric EQ, a first in gaming. SteelSeries Sonar Audio Software Suite's X-Ray Hearing lets you hear those footsteps, bomb sets, and potion gurgles before you see them, as presets from esports pros give you an advantage in top games.
ComfortMAX System
Look good and feel good, no cap. The Arctis Nova 1 is designed to fit any head, with a durable, lightweight build and 4-points of adjustment. The stretchy band distributes weight evenly.
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Drip check. Stand out anywhere with a premium, high-quality design that weighs just 236g, ensuring comfortable wear while gaming or vibing on the go.
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Keep yourself cool and & comfy with AirWeave Memory Foam with earcups that fully rotate for easy transport and storage.
AI Noise-Cancelling Mic
Imagine audio communications free of munching and keyboard clacking sounds -- not just your own, but those of your teammates as well. The fully retractable ClearCast Gen 2 noise cancelling mic uses advanced AI algorithms from Sonar Software to clean up your comms.
Multi-System Support
Your Arctis Nova 1 travels with you to any gaming world, as the 3.5mm jack hooks up to any platform. Whether it's your PlayStation, PC, Xbox, Switch, or Mac, immersive sound quality is there for you. It's also the perfect headset for your mobile device to vibe on the go.
Onboard Controls
The controls you need are right at your fingertips, as you can easily adjust the volume of the headset and mute yourself when necessary with the touch of a button.
PS4 | PS5
Software Requirements
GG + Engine
Windows 8.1 and above, Mac OS 10.13 and above
GG + Sonar Audio Software Suite
Windows 10 and above
Speaker Drivers
Neodymium Drivers
40 mm
Headphone Frequency Response
20–22,000 Hz
Headphone Sensitivity
93 dBSPL
Headphone Impedance
36 Ohm
Headphone Total Harmonic Distortion
< 1%
360° Spatial Audio
Microphone Type
ClearCast Gen 2 - Fully Retractable Boom
Microphone Polar Pattern
Bidirectional Noise Cancelling
Microphone Frequency Response
100-10,000 Hz
Microphone Sensitivity
-38 db
On-Ear Controls
On-Ear Controls
Volume dial, Mute
Box Content
Arctis Nova 1 Headset
3.5mm to 3.5mm Audio Cable - 5 pole to 4 pole (4 ft / 1.2m)
What's the difference between the Arctis Nova 1 and the 1P/1X?
Aside from a few slight cosmetic/color changes, the only difference is that the Nova 1 includes a dual 3.5mm 'Y' cable for compatibility with some PCs.
Can my chat hear me talking when I answer a phone call over Bluetooth?
No, when starting a call over Bluetooth the microphone automatically switches over, muting your mic to the chat.
Does the microphone still work when it's retracted?
The microphone will still pickup sound while retracted, but since it's a directional mic, it needs to be extended and in close proximity to your mouth to produce the best quality of sound.
What's the difference between the Arctis Nova 7 and 7P?
The Arctis Nova 7 includes a ChatMix dial on the right earcup, which directly integrates with SteelSeries Sonar software on PC to balance game and chat audio. The Arctis Nova 7P also has a dial on the right earcup, but it's used for adjusting sidetone (mic monitoring) on the fly
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