Enjoy your daily preparations faster
  • Six Powelix blades for perfect blending up to 30% faster*
  • 1.75L thermal-resistant glass jug; cool-running motor for durability
  • 3-in-1 Smart Lock for safety; easy-clean removable blades
  • Simple two-speed controls plus pulse for efficiency and ease of use
POWELIX Technology. 30% faster*
Six Powelix Technology blades to amplify the mixing power
Optimal Resistance
Hardened stainless-steel blades at an optimised cutting angle to handle even tough ingredients
Optimal Cutting
Razor-sharp blades for optimal cutting performance and super-smooth results
Optimal Blending Vortex
Spiralling vortex action to pull ingredients into the blades for an even texture (no chunks)
Pulverisation Power
Suitable for crushing tough ingredients, including ice
Hot and Cold
2.0L thermal shock-resistant glass jug, safe up to 80°C
Air Cooling System
Innovative ventilation system to prevent overheating and extend life of blender
Safe and Secure
40% easier** locking, automatic blade securing, and safe and easy blade access for cleaning. **Compared to LM300
Stable Performance
Four suction cups to the base for added stability
Simple to use
Easy-grip, two-speed (plus pulse) rotary dial for full blending control  
Repairable for 10 years
Designed for low-cost, easy repair for 10 years; fast delivery of parts to 6500 repair centres worldwide
Repairable at fair price - 15 years
  • Designed for easy repair
  • Low cost and fast delivery of spare parts for 15Y and more
  • 6200 approved repairers worldwide
Jar total capacity 1.75
Jar material Glass
Number of blades 6
Removable blades YES
Jar useful capacity 1.25
Ice crush function YES
Dishwasher safe YES
Cord Storage YES
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