Creative Minecraft™ building set
A Wool Farm sets the scene for a world of hands-on Minecraft™ building and adventures with Steve and his pet sheep.
Building toy for unlimited Minecraft™ play
Fans of the popular online game can join Steve for endless adventures featuring iconic Minecraft™ characters and unique items.
LEGO® Minecraft™ The Wool Farm
Create these iconic structures
Create these iconic structures
Includes building instructions for 3 alternative statues.
Sheared sheep
Sheared sheep
Interchangeable bricks for red, yellow or sheared sheep.
Fun farming environment
Fun farming environment
Minecraft™ farm with wheat, sugar cane and flowers.
Minecraft™ action at your fingertips
Kids can enjoy hands-on Minecraft™ building and adventure in a world of open-ended creativity.
Iconic Minecraft™ characters
Includes a Steve minifigure, 2 dyed sheep and a baby sheep.
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