RB7300T 4 Series Frost Free Classic Fridge Freezer with All Around Cooling
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(Energy Label document with Grade E)
RB7300T 4 Series Frost Free Classic Fridge Freezer with All Around Cooling
More inside, same outside
SpaceMax™ Technology
When you're short on space, but still need to be big on space, there's SpaceMax Technology™. It works by making the walls slimmer so the same size fridge on the outside has larger capacity inside. All without compromising on performance or energy efficiency. You really can get the best of both worlds.
Put defrosting on ice
No Frost
Who has the time these days to defrost a fridge? Our Total No Frost feature maintains an even temperature, preventing ice build-up, saving you the hassle of defrosting and keeping your Fridge Freezer frost-free.
Chill your wine, champers and more
Wine Shelf
The specially designed Wine Shelf keeps your favourite tipple nice and chilled. And the extra-wide wine rack means it’s perfect for those slightly larger champagne bottles – so you’re always ready for a toast. But if that’s not to your taste, the new, flatter design is ideal for storing wide items, like pizzas, that can be difficult to place. It’s a multifunctional wonder.
Play it cool
All-Around Cooling
Never lose your cool with All-Around Cooling. It does what it says on the tin – moving cool air around the fridge to keep a constant temperature. So everything from chickens to cucumbers will be evenly chilled and stay fresh for longer.
Modern and sleek to suit your style
Seamless & Sleek Design
Inside and out, it’s a sophisticated addition to any kitchen. The flat doors and recessed handle keep things sleek. And the streamlined water dispenser* adds a little chic. Plus, the interior features a hidden display for easy control, and an extra-wide wine shelf**. It ticks all the right boxes.
* Available on selected models only. ** Available on selected models only. Optional and can be removed.
Store more in the door
Big Door Bin
Door storage fills up fast. But these Big Door Bins are wider and deeper, and can house bottles and cartons up to 4 pints in size. So there’s plenty of space on the shelves for everything else, and there’s no more rummaging for your favourite drinks. Plus, with the bonus space, you can stock up a little more so you’ll always have a cold one handy.
The power is yours
Power Cool / Power Freeze
No more worrying about your frozen favourites defrosting on the way home from the shops. Power Freeze rapidly lowers the temperature of the freezer once you've stocked up. Power Cool tops up the fridge with some cool air keeping your new food fresh.
A smart use of energy
Digital Inverter Technology
The Digital Inverter Compressor cleverly alters the fridge's power and running speed to how much cooling is needed. So the temperature is constantly perfect, making it more efficient, as well as less noisy and longer-lasting.
* Based on internal testing in accordance with the ISO 15502 standard.
RB7300T 4 Series Frost Free Classic Fridge Freezer with All Around Cooling
344 ℓ
Gross Total(Litre)
595 mm
Net Width(mm)
1853 mm
Net Case Height with Hinge(mm)
66 kg
Net Weight(kg)
Mono Cooling
Cooling Type
Energy Efficiency Class
  • Gross Total(Litre)
    344 ℓ
  • Net Width(mm)
    595 mm
  • Net Case Height with Hinge(mm)
    1853 mm
  • Net Weight(kg)
    66 kg
  • Cooling Type
    Mono Cooling
  • Energy Efficiency Class
  • Gross for Freezer(Litre)
    114 ℓ
  • Gross for Fridge(Litre)
    230 ℓ
Physical specification
  • Net Case Height without Hinge(mm)
    1853 mm
  • Net Depth without Door Handle(mm)
    658 mm
  • Net Depth without Door(mm)
    595 mm
  • Packing Width(mm)
    637 mm
  • Packing Height(mm)
    1935 mm
  • Packing Depth(mm)
    740 mm
  • Packing Weight(kg)
    69 kg
  • 20/40/40H (Container)
Cooling Feature
  • No Frost
Refrigerator Feature
  • Number of Shelf (Total)
    4 EA
  • Wine Rack
  • Number of Door Pocket
    3 EA
  • Egg Container(Egg Tray)
  • Interior LED Light
    Top LED
  • Shelf Material
    Tempered Glass
  • Number of Vegetable&Fruit Drawer
    1 EA
  • Power Cool Function
Freezer Feature
  • Number of Drawer
    3 EA
  • Power Freeze Function
  • Ice Tray
General Feature
  • Door Reversible
  • Door Alarm
  • Refrigerant
  • Autonomy Hour (Temp rising)
    9 h
Exterior Feature
  • Display Type
  • Door Handle
  • Color
    Metal Graphite
  • Energy Consumption
    254 kWh/year
  • Noise Level
    35 dBA
  • Climate Class
    SN, N, ST, T
  • Cooling Capacity (kg/24h)
    8 kg/24hr
  • Refrigerator Type
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