HUI614 K
HUI614 K


Avoid food going to waste with Hotpoints freestanding cookers. Rustle up a quick & easy meal with all of your forgotten foods.

    Cook With Confidence


    Induction is a definite winner when it comes to choosing your new hob. It’s super quick to make a hearty and nutritious meal for your family, and you can boil a pan of water in no time at all. Plus, it’s dead easy to clean, and not just because they’re smooth and flat. Thanks to a cooler surface temperature, any food, fat & water spills don’t burn on and can be easily wiped away

    When your passion is cooking, not cleaning   

    Catalytic Liners

    Take the effort out of cleaning your oven with our StayClean Catalytic Liners. They absorb grease & fast, and self-cleans with the heat of the oven.  

    Jamie Oliver’s home-cooking philosophy  

    Jamie Oliver - If you want great control and speed when youre cooking, then Hotpoints induction hobs are just what you need. Unlike your electric hobs, induction gets up to temperature really quickly and cools off quicker as well. Plus, with the heat staying under the pan, any spills are easy and quick to wipe away. My wife loves it! It’s quick to cook hearty meals for your loved ones and in next to no time on the clean up. Perfect.”

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