The Mini food chopper 830ml is designed to be handy and versatile. It’s the ideal size to keep on the countertop for all those little tasks and small batches you need to make every day. Quickly chop raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and boiled pulses. Mince parsley, chives and garlic as a base for recipes and quickly purée cooked ingredients for baby foods or sauces. This mini food chopper is lightweight and compact, with a BPA-free 830ml bowl that has a pour spout and handle. To process, hold down your thumb on the lid and away you go – chopping, mixing, puréeing ingredients with the multipurpose stainless steel blade. It's a great way to cut onions, mince garlic, make dressings, sauces, breadcrumbs, and batters. Even make a whole recipe like edamame hummus or pesto. Select from 2 speeds, with a pulse operation to help get coarse or fine results. If you need to add liquid ingredients like oil, put them in the drizzle basin in the lid to be incorporated without stopping. The lid, work bowl, and blade are all dishwasher-safe and the base wipes clean. To store the food processor, put all the parts inside the work bowl and wrap the cord neatly underneath. Available in different colours to suit your style.
What’s in the box ?
Quickly chop, mix and purée

It's much easier to have a healthy diet and make your food from scratch if you have a compact food chopper that's fun to use.

The multipurpose stainless steel blade on our mini food chopper can chop fruits and vegetables, nuts and boiled pulses, as well as mince parsley, chives or garlic.

You can also throw in cooked fruit and veggies to create an instant purée. Just make sure you cut larger ingredients into chunks of about 1 inch or less (2.5 cm). When you're ready, move the switch to the 'chop' or 'purée' setting and off you go.

Mini food chopper for coarse or fine results

The two speed options (chop or purée) and pulsing action mean you can control the result and get coarsely or finely processed food. It's designed to allow you to use it with one hand. You'll feel like a pro.

Simple to use
Press the black circle on the lid to start the mini food chopper. There's a multipurpose blade which locks into place. While it's working, you can add liquid ingredients like oil. When you're ready to serve your creation, there's a handy pour spout and handle.
Easy to store
The compact, lightweight design means it won't take up much space in the cupboard or out on the countertop. The multipurpose blade and other accessories fit neatly inside the bowl and the cord wraps underneath for tidy storage.
Quick to clean
You'll want to use the mini food chopper every day so we've made it easy to look after. The bowl, lid, and accessories are dishwasher-safe. Just wipe the base with a damp cloth when you've finished.
Prep makes perfect

If you get into efficient prepping then you can really enjoy the pleasure of creating - the aromas, the colours and textures. Get all those wonderful ingredients ready, measured and prepped beforehand so that the recipe steps will be a breeze.

Lots of family favourites have chopped garlic and onions as a basis, so you can tick that off the list.

For dishes like fresh pesto or edamame hummus, you can make the whole thing in your compact food chopper. From prep to plate!

Which colour for your compact food chopper?

Just like the KitchenAid mixer, the compact food chopper comes in a range of colours.

Feeling bold? Go for the iconic Empire Red. Or, get timeless appeal with Almond Cream or Velvet Blue. Onyx Black and Contour Silver are stylish and classic.

You can match your other kitchen appliances or create a mouthwatering colour combination.

Mini food processor for little foodies

Homemade baby food is so much easier with the help of this whizzy food chopper. Velvety smooth purées of fruits, vegetables, beans and other foods are safe for little treasures to try - and a great way to introduce them to new tastes and textures.

Cook the food first and then pop it in the food chopper. If it's too thick, you can add a little liquid (water, their usual milk or even broth). Natural purées can be made just the way your baby likes them and you can introduce new taste sensations and textures as they grow.

The handy mini food chopper

Feel confident using the KitchenAid compact food chopper, which is handy and reliable for lots of simple tasks and small batches. The work bowl clicks neatly into place and secures when the lid and bowl handle line up. It’s ready to use in seconds!

Model Name 5KFC3516
Material of body Plastic
Electrical connection rating (W) 240
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Max. rotation speed 3450
Min. rotation speed 2450
Voltage (V) 220-240
Depth of the product 143
Height of the product 222
Width of the product 178
Depth of the packed product 207
Height of the packed product 245
Width of the packed product 172
Net weight (kg) 1.2
Gross weight (kg) 1.85
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