Digital, modern air fryer with eight programs for tasty fried food – no oil*, no fuss!
  • Healthy frying: Air Pulse Technology for crispy and healthy fried food cooked with little to no oil* 
    *Many preparations do not require the addition of oil
  • XL 4.2L capacity: modern, compact design with digital touchscreen controls
  • Eight programs – including fries, cake and grill – for effortless cooking variety
  • Easy to useTime and temperature controls, auto-off and dishwasher-safe parts for convenience

*Many preparations do not require the addition of oil 


Healthy frying
3D Air Pulse Technology for healthy fried food cooked with little to no oil*
Patented and removable non-stick basket and grid for healthier results, and easy serving and cleaning
Effortless cooking
Digital touchscreen with eight programs for maximum cooking variety with minimum effort
XL capacity
Generous 4.2L (six servings) capacity – ideal for entertaining
Modern and compact design – won’t take up valuable kitchen space
Precision results
Adjustable temperature (80°C to 200°C) for precise cooking results
On time
Convenient 60-minute timer with auto-off and ready alert
Fuss-free cleaning
Non-stick and dishwasher-safe parts for easy clean-up
Repairable at fair price - 15 years
  • Designed for easy repair
  • Low cost and fast delivery of spare parts for 15Y and more
  • 6200 approved repairers worldwide
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