A new way for boys and girls to express themselves
Creative canvas for design
A new way for boys and girls to express themselves
Unique, functional and fun, the set lets kids push their creativity further without limits. Children can expand their design skills and confidence as they make and design the picture frames, then redesign them endlessly.
Reusable tray to sort, store and carry
Before, during and after crafting play, the colourful multipurpose tray helps keep tiles and plates organised. It also has room for more tiles, sold separately.
All the things kids need for artsy fun
LEGO® DOTS sets are all about fun and free self-expression, with loads of colourful, high-quality pieces for decorating, use, display and redecorating.
Quick, easy, cool and functional
All the LEGO® DOTS room decor items have a purpose beyond the fun of crafting them. Assembly and decorating are quick and easy, making it play, not work.
Infinite decorating possibilities
In 3 sizes, the connectable picture frames give kids the freedom to create how they like! With LEGO® DOTS, creative confidence grows with every design.
Bracelets with designs to fit any style
There’s no wrong way to play! Kids can pick cool, adjustable Go Team!, Magic Forest or Power bracelets to express themselves. Fits wrists small and large.
Bracelet mega pack for 5 times the creative fun
Kids can use this bracelet mega pack to design, swap and share these cool, adjustable bracelets with their friends, then do it all over again however they like.
Clever desk organiser helps sort tools
Kids can keep their desk organised while exploring their passion for creative crafts and designing customised room decor items.
Locking jewellery box to keep items safe
Help kids grow their creative confidence! They can use the available surfaces to reflect all the facets of their personality with endless design possibilities.
Extra DOTS - Series 2 to ‘dot’ it all
A fun bag of tiles – lovingly named ‘dots’ – that kids can use to express themselves creatively, pushing their design skills with cool colours and decorations.
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