Quest is Ready
Battle with friends. Sit front row at live events. Work out on a volcano. Incredible new experiences are ready with Quest 2.
Powerful hardware
A super-fast processor and high-resolution display keep your experience smooth and seamless, even as high speed action unfolds around you.
3D positional audio, hand tracking and haptic feedback complete your immersion and make virtual worlds feel real.
  • A whole new reality
    VR transports you into fully immersive, imagination-defying virtual worlds using cinematic sound, ultra-realistic graphics and real-time responses to your own movement.
  • No wires, no limits
    Wireless connectivity, internal tracking and a built-in battery: everything you need to explore virtual worlds in absolute freedom, all in one headset.
  • Movement perfected
    Meta Quest 2’s intuitive Touch controllers translate natural movements directly into VR so your interactions feel real whether you’re in a virtual workspace or a zero gravity arena.
  • Set up for safety
    Guardian boundary lets you draw out your play space and alerts you if you step close to the edge. Know you’re safe, even as you take on dangerous missions in fantasy worlds.
  • Explore in comfort
    Made to be worn, the light and easily adjustable headset includes a padded interface for comfort so you’re free from distraction while meditating, collaborating or floating through space.
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An expanding universe
Discover over 350 titles across gaming, social/multiplayer and entertainment, including exclusive blockbuster releases and totally unique VR experiences.
Meta Quest is for ages 13+. Certain apps, games and experiences may be higher.
  • Social
    Do the incredible together, from almost anywhere
    Meta Quest 2 lets you do just about anything, with anyone, from virtually anywhere. Discover fully immersive new worlds of gaming, fitness, entertainment, creativity and collaboration - and a growing community within them.
  • Gaming
    Don’t just play games. Experience them.
    Explore virtual worlds with unparalleled freedom, as aliens, heavyweight champs, dance partners and more respond to your every move. Play solo or team up with friends.
  • Productivity
    Work better together
    Your office can be wherever you are, with whoever and whatever you need. Meet face-to-face in virtual spaces, collaborate in real time, or travel a million miles away to find your sharpest focus.
  • Fitness
    Your new workout crew
    Discover a new community of support, get motivated by real life coaches or work out in exotic locations. With the best VR fitness apps and games, you're not just burning calories – you're making fitness fun.
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