Tefal Pure Tex Handheld Garment Steamer
Four Smart Actions in One Quick and Easy Garment Steamer
Handheld Garment Steaming just got even more versatile. As well as making your outfits smart and fresh, Pure Tex lets you sanitise them effectively, quickly and easily too. From the coat you wore to the supermarket to a teddy bear dropped on the floor – a quick blast of steam does the job!
  • Sanitise Your Home
    The natural power of steam kills 99.9% viruses, bacteria and germs*
  • Infuse your favourite perfumes and scents
    Spray the fragrance onto the MonParfum insert that plugs into the steam bonnet and steam away!
  • A Garment Care Master
    Use the Clean pad to quickly and easily remove creases and wrinkles from clothing
  • The De-Lint Attachment is Reversible
    Gives you lint and hair removal on one side and micro dust removal on the other!
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Add Fragrance
Just plug the MonParfum device into the steam bonnet to add your favourite fragrance to diffuse into all your textiles from garments to furnishings.
Steam Bonnet
Lets you clean even delicate materials with zero risk of burns or shine
Steam Boost
Get a fast 3X boost up to a massive 90g/min, for perfect results even on heavier textiles!
Storage Unit
An included storage unit to place your reversible pads in when not in use
Dewrinkle Pad
Use this pad to help remove creases from your garments
Micro-Fibre Pad
Reversible micro-fibre pad removes hair and lint, then flips to take care of micro dust all at once.
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