Quick, compact and light.
Great for cleaning high traffic areas and small spaces. Its compact design makes it easy to store.
Features & Benefits
Tackle everyday stains
The AQUASPIN brush bar easily tackles pet messes and tough stains, leaving your carpets clean, dry and smelling fresh.
Aquaspin brushbar
Performance brushbar that has antimicrobial bristles which reduce and protect from growth of bacteria and fungi.
VAX’s lightest carpet washer weighing only 5.5kg, this carpet washer is easy to carry and manoeuvre around the house.
Perfect for small spaces
Narrow floor head allows you to get into tight spaces around the home.
Antimicrobial brushbar
Embedded with an antimicrobial treatment that helps to prevent the growth of bacteria.
Plus, extra solutions
Comes with 250ml VAX Platinum Professional Solution, PLUS, a pre-treatment and post-treatment solution for a thorough clean.
What's in the box
VAX Compact Power Plus
Carpet Cleaner
1x 250ml VAX
Professional Solution
1x 250ml
1x 250ml
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