All-in-one car-care playset for toddlers
Versatile car toy
All-in-one car-care playset for toddlers
This 112-piece playset is packed with play-and-learn possibilities for car-loving kids. There are 3 vehicles, a drive-through car wash, charging station and loads more to engage and entertain preschoolers aged 2 and up.
Push&Go car
The mechanical Push&Go car is perfect for little hands. Just a gentle push causes the car to accelerate away!
Car wash
The drive-through car wash features a fabric ‘cleaning’ curtain and cleaning accessories to give those vehicles a good wash!
Push-along car
Kids develop their fine motor skills and spatial awareness as they manoeuvre the car around the car-care complex and experience all the different activities.
The holiday campervan features an opening roof so kids can place 3 figures inside. And, when the passengers are seated, there’s space to store the luggage on top ready for the next trip!
Fun figures
Includes 3 adults, a child and a dog DUPLO® figures – to inspire imaginative role play and develop youngsters’ social and emotional skills.
Ramp to access parking spaces
Young car fans will love to drive the cars up and down the ramp that leads to the upper-level car park.
Boom barrier
Stop at the ticket machine then raise the barrier to let the car through. Hurry through before the barrier lowers back into place!
Charging station
This hands-on charging station is sure to fuel kids’ imaginations.
Share developmental milestones as toddlers play
Playful learning
Share developmental milestones as toddlers play
As preschoolers explore the many imaginative features and endless play possibilities found within this activity-packed playset, they develop essential skills that will last a lifetime.
A toddler-friendly guide makes building fun
Building guide
A toddler-friendly guide makes building fun
Simple instructions ensure parents and toddlers can share the developmental fun straight from the box.
Packed with interactive fun
Great gift for toddlers
Packed with interactive fun
Measuring over 31 cm (12 in.) high, 79 cm (31 in.) wide and 20 cm (7 in.) deep, this reconfigurable playset is bursting with multiple activities. For even more imaginative fun, combine this set with other LEGO® DUPLO® toys.
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