Magical adventures in the Chamber of Secrets
Hogwarts™ big build
Magical adventures in the Chamber of Secrets
Inspire creative building and imaginative play with this large, celebratory playset. With authentically detailed rooms, Harry Potter™ fans can recreate famous movie scenes and play out endless magical adventures of their own.
Gilderoy Lockhart’s office
Gilderoy Lockhart’s office is located on the second floor of Hogwarts™ and the walls are filled with pictures of… Gilderoy Lockhart™
Breakfast in the Great Hall
Enjoy a delicious breakfast at the long table in the Great Hall, with a croissant, cereal and chocolate frogs.
Cornish Pixies wreak havoc
Anything can happen when Gilderoy Lockhart™ releases his mischief-making Cornish Pixies into the classroom!
Chamber of Secrets Basilisk entrance
The Chamber of Secrets features a large statue with an opening mouth, which reveals a corridor from where the Basilisk snake enters the room.
Chamber of Secrets’ slide
The entrance to the Chamber of Secrets is via a section of large pipe, big enough for the set’s characters to slide down.
Grow the set to expand the play possibilities
Combine the Hogwarts™ modules
Grow the set to expand the play possibilities
This versatile playset is one of a series of detailed modular Hogwarts™ sets that kids can build, combine and rearrange to create their own Hogwarts™ castle. Each set sold separately and available for different time periods.
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