Welcome to the heart of the community
Fun neighbourhood playset
Welcome to the heart of the community
Let kids get lost in endless hours of neighbourhood fun as they imagine living right at the centre of Heartlake City. They can play house in the cosy flats or hang out with friends as they go about their daily business.
A warm welcome
Trevor welcomes Joshua and daughter Maya home. And where have they been? Kids can use their creativity to decide!
Clean, green power
The block of flats gets its electricity from its solar panels.
Tea for two with a view
Evelyn drops in on her Grandma Dottie and enjoys a drink and a snack on her pretty rooftop terrace.
Easy access
The book store features a ramp so Harper can get her wheelchair in and out with ease.
Trusty companion
Goldie the guide dog helps Savannah navigate her way safely along the bustling main street.
Where everyone feels at home
Grocery store food from around the world to satisfy the whole neighbourhood’s tastes.
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