Enjoy 6 months of silky smooth skin*
Up to 92% hair reduction in 3 sessions**

Lumea IPL Prestige is the most effective IPL device*** with SenseIQ technology, intelligent attachments and Lumea IPL app for a personalised full-body hair removal treatment. Corded version.

  • SmartSkin sensor
  • 2 intelligent attachments: body, face
  • Lumea IPL App
  • Corded use
Enjoy 6 months of silky smooth skin*
Enjoy 6 months of silky smooth skin*

Lumea Prestige is convenient to use thanks to an extra-long cable for easy access and enhanced manoeuvrability.

As a leader in health technology, Philips developed Lumea IPL together with expert scientists and dermatologists to be safe, comfortable and effective, even on sensitive areas.

Treat every two weeks for the first 6 weeks (vs weekly with other brands), then touch up monthly to maintain the results. That's it.

IPL needs contrast between the pigment in the hair colour and the pigment in the skin tone, it therefore works on naturally dark blonde, brown and black hair and on skin tones from fair to dark brown (I-V).

Attachments fit each curve of your body and trigger a tailored treatment mode. Face: Flat design and small window with UV filter. Body: Curved inwards with a large window.

Lumea Prestige has five easily adjustable light settings. Our SmartSkin sensor reads your skin tone and helps you find the most comfortable setting. Intelligent attachments adapt treatment for each body area.

Our free coaching app helps you plan and stick to your treatment schedule, then takes you through each session step by step. Downloaded by more than 2.1 million users.

  1. * Median hair reductions after 12 treatments: 77% on legs, 64% on bikini, 64% on underarms
  2. * * When following the treatment schedule, measured on legs, individual results may vary
  3. * * * Average result 58% hair reduction after 12 treatments
  4. * * * * When following treatment schedule. Calculated for use on lower legs, bikini, armpits and face. The lamp lifetime does not extend the Philips 2 years worldwide guarantee
Enjoy 6 months of silky smooth skin*
Safety and adjustable settings
Skin Tone sensor
  • Detects your skin tone
Integrated safety system
  • Prevent unintentional flashing
SmartSkin sensor
  • The right setting on demand
Integrated UV filter
  • Protects skin from UV light
5 light energy settings
  • Adjustable to your skin type
Application mode
Corded/cordless use
  • Corded use
Slide and Flash
  • For quick application
Stamp and Flash
  • For treatment on small areas
Items included
Instructions for use
  • User manual
  • Beauty pouch
  • 19.5 V / 4000 mA
Technical specifications
High performance lamp
  • Built to last, 450,000 flashes, equivalent to 39 years of lamp lifetime****
  • 100–240
  • 2-year global warranty + 1 extra year of warranty upon product registration within 90 days
Application time
Bikini line
  • 2 min
Face areas
  • 1.5 min
Lower legs
  • 8.5 min
  • 2.5 min
Technical specs. attachments
Face treatment attachment
  • Shape: Flat ,Window size: 2 cm2, extra filter ,Tailored treatment for face: upper lip, chin and jawline
Body treatment attachment
  • Shape: Convex curved ,Window size: 4.1 cm2 ,Tailored treatment for body: legs, arms and stomach
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