Reasons you’ll love Sense 2

  • Google Smarts
    Google Smarts
  • Stress Management
    Stress Management
  • Tools for better zzz's
    Tools for better zzz's
  • Health Metrics
    Health Metrics
  • Heart Health
    Heart Health
  • Fitness
6-month Premium included
6-month Premium included1
  • Better together Better together
    Google Smarts
    Google Smarts
    Better together
    We've combined Fitbit's expertise in health and fitness with the power of Google’s innovation to create the next generation of devices and experiences that help you live a healthier, more active life.
  • Sleep Better Sleep Better
    Leading Sleep experience
    Leading Sleep experience
    Sleep Better
    Sense 2 helps you get the ZZZs of your dreams. Sleep profile breaks down your sleep data each month and pinpoints how you can improve your sleep based on 10 key sleep metrics.
  • Stress Less Stress Less
    Stress Management
    Stress Management
    Stress Less
    Better sleep. Improved mood. More energy. Sense 2 can help you get there. Identify patterns of stress with all-day body-response tracking and notifications to remind you to reflect.
  • Work out smarter Work out smarter
    Work out smarter
    Do what you love, just get more out of it. Daily Readiness Score2 tells you if your body’s ready for a workout or needs recovery. Track 40+ exercise modes and use built-in GPS3 - even in up to 50m of water.
  • Tune in to your body Tune in to your body
    Health Metrics
    Health Metrics
    Tune in to your body
    Know your body better with the Health Metrics dashboard in the Fitbit app. See your trends and use them to help uncover changes in your well-being.4
  • Everything starts with the heart Everything starts with the heart
    Heart Health
    Heart Health
    Everything starts with the heart
    Your heart is key to your health. Better understand and track your heart health with Sense 2 and Premium. Around-the-clock heart-rate tracking provides insight in to your sleep, stress, activity and more while the ECG app gives insight in to your heart rhythm.5
  • Never miss a beat Never miss a beat
    6+ days Battery life with fast charge
    6+ days Battery life with fast charge
    Never miss a beat
    Over a week of battery life for more go, more flow, more whoa. Varies with use and other factors; up to 12 hours with continuous GPS.3
See the big picture of your health See the big picture of your health
See the big picture of your health
Premium uses data about your body to uncover your unique health patterns. It doesn't stop there: then you recieve personalized insights that empower you to make better choices.6
fitbitsport fitbitsport
Even more to love
  • Stress Features
  • EDA Scan Sessions
    EDA Scan Sessions
    Perform an EDA Scan to see how your body responds to stress during a mindfulness session.
  • Stress Management Score
    Stress Management Score
    Get a handle on your stress. Higher score? You’re showing fewer signs of stress. Lower score? Time to find better balance—try a meditation or going for a walk.
  • Reflections
    Not all days deserve a smile emoji—and that’s okay. Log your stress level with Fitbit so you can notice how you’re feeling and if it might be affecting other parts of your life, like sleep or energy.
  • Relax breathing sessions
    Relax breathing sessions
    The Relax app is like a mindfulness teacher on your wrist—guiding you through calming breathing sessions so you can find your happy place whenever you need to.
  • Health Features
  • Fitbit ECG App
    Fitbit ECG App
    With a compatible ECG app right on your wrist, assess your heart rhythm for atrial fibrillation—a heart rhythm irregularity—and share the results with your doctor.5
  • Health Metrics dashboard
    Health Metrics dashboard
    Know your body better with the Health Metrics dashboard in the Fitbit app, where you can track breathing rate, resting heart rate, heart rate variability, SpO2 and skin temperature variation.4
  • SpO2 (blood oxygen)
    SpO2 (blood oxygen)
    This number tells you how well oxygen is distributed in your body. Fitbit makes it easy to track your blood oxygen levels so you can learn when there may be an important change in your well-being.4
  • Heart rate notifications
    Heart rate notifications
    Your heart rate is a key indicator of health, so Sense 2 keeps you informed when it's above or below your set resting threshold.
  • Smart Features
  • Google Maps
    Google Maps
    Rock your route with turn-by-turn directions on your wrist. Google Maps on your Fitbit watch means you get reliable, real-time navigation without having to pull out your phone.
  • Notifications
    Get notifications for calls, texts, calendar events and apps like Gmail and WhatsApp—plus send quick replies and voice replies right from your wrist. Available when phone is nearby.
  • Built-in voice assistant
    Built-in voice assistant
    Use Amazon Alexa Built-in to get quick news and weather, set bedtime reminders and alarms, control your smart home devices and more—just by speaking to your watch.9
  • Find my Phone app
    Find my Phone app
    Can’t find your phone? Easily locate a misplaced phone right from your wrist by using the built-in Find My Phone app on your Fitbit smartwatch. Just tap to activate an alert and your phone will continuously ring and vibrate until you discover its location.7
  • On-wrist payments
    On-wrist payments
    Upload your credit and debit cards to your watch to tap and pay for purchases and use public transport without your wallet. See bank availability at
  • Sleep Features
  • Sleep Score
    Sleep Score
    Learn about the quality of your previous night's sleep with a personalised Sleep Score. With Premium, see a breakdown of time in light, deep & REM sleep to see what's impacting your rest.8
  • Smart Wake
    Smart Wake
    Wake up feeling more rested, refreshed and ready to take on your daily workout with a smart alarm that goes off during the optimal stage of sleep—no more than 30 minutes before its set time. Regular, exact-time alarms are also available.
  • Sleep Profile (Premium)
    Sleep Profile (Premium)
    Learn your sleeping style with a monthly breakdown of 10 key sleep metrics. You'll see which of the 6 distinct Sleep Animals your sleep compares to and what you can do to get better rest.8
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fitbit sense 2 + premium
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Lunar White / Platinum Aluminium
Blue Mist / Soft Gold Aluminium
fitbit sense 2 + premium
Shadow Grey / Graphite Aluminium
Lunar White / Platinum Aluminium
Blue Mist / Soft Gold Aluminium
Requires use of Fitbit app with compatible iPhone or Android. Google account will be required. See 1. New and returning Premium members only. Must activate membership within 60 days of device activation (requires valid payment). This membership cannot be gifted. Cancel before end of membership to avoid recurring fees. Content and features may change. T&C apply. 2. Daily Readiness Score requires a Fitbit Premium membership. Premium content recommendations are not available in all locales and may be in English only. 3. Battery life varies with use & other factors; GPS may reduce battery life. 4. The Health Metrics dashboard and the metrics displayed in the dashboard are not available in all countries. This feature is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition and should not be relied on for any medical purposes. It is intended to provide information that can help you manage your well-being. The SpO2 feature requires more frequent charging. 5. The Fitbit ECG app is only available in select countries and with select devices. Not intended for use by people under 22 years old. See Fitbit website for additional details. 6. Content and features may vary. 7. Requires watch to be connected to a compatible device. Phone sold separately. 8. Requires a Fitbit Premium membership. Not intended for medical purposes. Consult your healthcare professional for questions about your health. Must wear device to sleep for at least 14 nights over a month-long period. 9. Voice assistant availability and features may vary, see
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