LG SQC1 Soundbar
Key Features
  • Compact style design
  • Subwoofer
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Bluetooth stand-by
  • Control with your TV remote
  • Compact and wireless
    with big sound

    In simplistic elegance, allow the soundbar to perfectly complement its surroundings. Specifically designed to match and enhance your TV.

    LG sound bar SQC1 and LG TV are placed together in the living room. The TV is on, displaying a graphic image.
  • Wireless Subwoofer,
    superb bass without wires
    Place the subwoofer where it looks and sounds the best without the worries of wires.
    In the living room, LG TV is on the wall. LG Sound Bar SQC1 is placed below the TV. On the right side, there's a wireless subwoofer. Below the subwoofer, sound graphics are coming out, illustrating th
  • Bluetooth,
    stream anything
    Wirelessly stream music directly from your Smartphone or other compatible device for a seamless listening experience.
    LG TV is on the wall, on the screen it shows 2 couples lying on the grass. In front of them, there is a lamp. LG Sound bar is below LG TV. Sound graphic is coming out from the front of the sound bar.
  • Connected to your
    Feel free to connect to the device you wish with USB, Optical, Portable In and Bluetooth connectivity.
    LG Sound Bar is on the white shelf. The Sound graphic coming out from the speaker. It shows USB, Optical icons.
  • Control with
    your TV Remote

    LG Soundbar comes with a remote but you can choose to use your own.
    *TV remote as well.

    There is a LG remote control in someone's hand, controlling TV and sound bar at the same time. There are icons of LG TV and LG Sound bar.

*LG, Sony, Philips, Sharp, Panasonic, Vizio, Toshiba and Samsung brand remotes.

Key Spec
Number of Channels
Output Power
160 W
660 x 56 x 99 mm
185.5 x 303.0 x 205.0 mm
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